How to make money with a blog for beginners


In this article we will discuss how you can make money with a blog. This article is for beginners who are looking for some source of money and would like to try blogging.

So here are the steps  to make money with a blog.

Find a topic

Planning to start blogging ? Great ! So lets begin with the first step that is finding a topic. What will you write about ?
It can be anything technology,sports,games etc anything you are interested in.

Narrow down your topic

So you found a topic you are interested in ? Great ! Now it is time to narrow down the topic to something profitable and where the competition is low.

Search about competitor

So you have finally narrow down your topic ? Great ! Now it is time to know about your competitor. See what kind of content are they writing and how was it received by the user. Try to write similar content but of course it should NOT be copied.

Deciding blog platform

So now we are done with our research its finally time to register a blog for our self. It can be wordpress or blogger it is your own choice. Make sure to get a easy to remember domain name.


So,Now we have own our blog ! It is time to fill it with original content. Sure,you can have similar topic but not same content. So try to write original content, not able to come up with new topic ? Do not panic you can always get ideas from what your competitor are writing about if they are being well received by users try to write similar content.

One thing you should keep in mind is to keep updating your blog yeah no need to upload content daily but do not let your blog be inactive.


So now we have content as well, now it is time to do some marketing. Look for what people are actually looking for in your related topic and try to include those keywords in your blogs.

Note do not needlessly include random keyword in any blog. The blog should be related to keyword.

Places you can put keywords are: Title,Headings,Content. But do not overdo it.

You can search about keyword using keywordtool or you can use google advance search to find what people are searching about.

Try to use keyword which have low competition so you can come on top searches of search engine and can get clicks.

Social Media

So now we have content and even used keywords. It is time to get users from social media. Register on popular social media sites like twitter,facebook,instagram. Share your content their and ask your friends to share the content as well.
Social media is one of the most popular place to get users.


Hey we did so much work but we didn’t get a single penny! Because we did not setup any source to earn money yet ! So after few months of blogging after you have some good traffic it is finally the step to earn money.

Register on site like adsense and wait until you get accepted. And after you get accepted you can put ads on your site from which you will finally start earning money !

Ads are not the only way to earn money from blogging but is one of the most easy and free to setup way.

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